Why I Loved La La Land So Much

Friday, 10 February 2017

Those who know me, would know that I’m a massive fan of musicals. When I found out they were releasing a musical that starred Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, I was all over it and immediately couldn’t contain my excitement. I went in with the intention of not knowing anything about the film except for the fact that it was a musical and it featured two of my favourite actors. I came out of the cinema feeling so many different emotions. I completely fell in love with the story line, the characters and the soundtrack. I then went to watch the film all over again 2 days later. I’m not sure why I’m only just writing about this now seeing as the hype probably has died down but whatever. Just a quick disclaimer: this post is probably going to be filled with spoilers (I’ll try not to add so many) so if you haven’t seen this movie yet then I’d highly suggest you to come back to this once you’ve watched it.

The film focuses around two main characters, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) who is a passionate jazz pianist with a whole-hearted ambition to open up his own jazz club. We then have Mia (Emma Stone) a talented aspiring actress who constantly rushes between her job at the coffee shop in the Warner Bros lot whilst trying to fit in all these auditions that don’t seem to go to plan. Two ambitious people seem to find their way to each other.

There’s no mistaking that this film is a musical from the start. The opening scene is at a traffic jam, and all of a sudden attractive, young people start dancing and singing to the song “Another Day of Sun” (which is one of my favourites). It made me feel excited for what was next to come and the song was very upbeat that it kind of made me want to get up and dance with them. Calm yourself Charlotte, you’re in the cinema. So this traffic jam ends up being the one that Mia and Sebastian are both in and they both lock eyes onto each other when he aggressively beeps his horn at her for not moving the car and she gives him the finger. You see, I adore the fact that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were casted in this movie as I’ve always loved them two as an on screen couple. Especially after watching ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’.

I love the way that they approached Mia and Sebastian’s relationship realistically and not just like every other romantic comedy film. I feel like the ending to this film was a bit conflicted but we’ll get down to that in a minute. I also really enjoyed how visually stunning the film was. It’s a piece of art. From the charming and elegant performances from both actors to the costumes and the beautiful clothes they were constantly dressed in and also to the flawless dance sequences they shared together was all just incredible to watch.

The film as a whole made me feel incredibly inspired and that was mainly down to the characters personalities. They were so ambitious to achieve their dreams and they never gave up no matter what the circumstances were. However the closer they were to success, the further they grew apart. Which takes me to the ending which somewhat disappointed a few people (please don’t read this if you haven’t watched it). Fast forward 5 years and they’ve both achieved their dreams which is great, but Mia and Sebastian sadly are not together anymore and that literally breaks my heart just typing that. Mia is a happily married wife and mother… and actress whilst Sebastian focused on his jazz club. The ending gave me so much sadness yet joy at the same time. Of course the sad part being the fact that after everything, they broke up. The happiness it gave me though knowing that they both managed to achieve what they wanted in life. Mia walks into a newly opened club with her now husband, and shortly realises that its Sebastian’s club. They both lock onto each other’s eyes and after a few moments, Sebastian starts playing there song on the piano making Mia dream of a life with Sebastian and what it would be like if things worked out differently, unfortunately and realistically somethings in life don’t go the way you want them to go. Before Mia leaves the club she takes one last glare at Sebastian and just smiles. It was a smile as if to say ‘We did it’ and that broke my heart. I burst into tears after watching that moment for the second time however it was so beautifully filmed. I give huge props to director Damien Chazelle for creating such a wonderful masterpiece, I can definitely see why it was nominated for 14 Oscars.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, please go see it. I hope you all equally enjoy it as much as I did, and I hope you come out with a sense of inspiration.  

Here’s to the ones who dream”

Have you seen this movie yet?
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