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Thursday, 2 March 2017

I’m going to start this post off by saying hello and I hope you’re having a great day. I have been feeling a bit down in the dumps this week whilst also trying to fight off a horrendous cold that I all of a sudden got out of nowhere – this has caused me to become very unmotivated with my blog and I just haven’t felt inspired to write anything. This post is going to be a bit different to what I would normally write, but I feel like where I haven’t been inspired to write up a beauty post, I have all of a sudden been in the mood to write a chatty one. Although some of you may not care about any of this and that’s okay – I have got ideas for upcoming beauty & lifestyle posts in the future, I just need my motivation back to start writing them.

I started ‘fading tulips’ back in March 2014. I loved reading other bloggers posts and I hesitated about starting my own blog for a few months as I was so scared about what other people would think. When I plucked up the courage to actually write something, I didn’t tell anyone. My boyfriend was the first one to find out as he caught me writing a post and then I told my best friend a few weeks later. It slowly became a thing that I wasn’t afraid of telling people anymore as blogging was getting bigger and bigger by the minute. Blogging was and still is one of my biggest hobbies and I never thought back in 2014 that I’d have such amazing opportunities through it such as: being able to work with some great beauty brands, have a decent amount of followers & views and also meeting new people and making new friends through social media. Looking back at that 16 year old me and I just think to myself, what was the point in worrying? Everyone nowadays is so supportive of my blog and to those that aren’t – why should I care? I blog to make myself happy and of course, it’s great when other people love reading my blog but I should write about whatever the hell I want.

Which brings me to my next point (sort of): What is happening with my blog content? I started my blog purely writing about Fashion and Beauty as I loved writing about those two topics so much. At the end of last year, I was lacking with everything blog wise. I had no motivation or inspiration to write about anything until the beginning of this year came along and I got that motivation back by reading a bunch of other blog posts and decided I’d like to get into the more lifestyle side of things. I started creating posts such as: ‘Struggles All Bloggers Can Relate To, Things to Do When You’re Feeling a Bit Sad and What I would Tell My 15 Year Old Self’ – it made me realise how much better my writing was whilst creating these posts and I loved writing them a lot more than constantly raving about beauty products. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to do the odd beauty posts here and there on my blog because I honestly still love writing about those things too, however from now on my content is going to be a bit more chilled, laid back and not so serious. I hope that’s okay. I have finally gotten to the point where I feel happy with my blog content and I hope you guys will continue to read and support my blog because it honestly means so much to me and I appreciate it loads.

If you managed to read this the whole way without getting bored then thank you. I promise my next post won’t be so chatty and boring!
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