My Favourite 3 Eyeshadow Palettes From The Drugstore

If there’s one thing I can’t resist, its palettes. Eyeshadow has always been the number one product that I have loved ever since my early teenager years. I would come into school wearing all these bright colours on my eyelids, my personal favourite being my baby blue and yellow combo (god, I was a mess). I was going through my collection recently and realised that I have a lot more high end palettes rather than drugstore ones which really surprised me as I am more of a drugstore makeup junkie in general. I picked out three of my favourite drugstore palettes that I am currently loving at the moment and as you can tell I am a huge fan when it comes down to neutral shades.

I have watched and loved Tanya Burr for years so as you can imagine, I was super excited when she brought out her makeup line. When the soft luxe collection came out I was immediately drawn to the ‘birthday suit’ quad as the shades were very warm toned and that’s what I usually tend to lean towards. The eyeshadows themselves swatch beautifully and blend out well on the eyes due to the buttery texture of them, they’re also extremely pigmented which is something that can lack in drugstore eyeshadows from what I’ve experienced. You can create many different looks with this palette from an everyday neutral to a night-time smoky eye.

I don’t have a lot of products from L’Oréal as I kind of just stick to Maybelline or Rimmel. I got this palette one year for Christmas and immediately fell in love with it. The palette consists of 10 pigmented shades which are mostly warmed toned however they threw in a few cooler toned shades. What I like most about these eyeshadows is the fact that I don’t need to use an eyeshadow primer beforehand as they blend out perfectly well on their own and they have the right amount of pigmentation. Just like Tanya Burr’s palette, these are perfect for daytime wear and evening wear as they have a choice of lighter to darker browns and matte to shimmer eyeshadows.

Makeup Revolution is without a doubt my favourite drugstore makeup brand. For my birthday my boyfriend got me this Light & Shade palette which I have been going on about for ages, it’s an exact dupe for the Kat Von Dee’s Shade & Light palette which I have wanted for a long time but I can’t justify spending £40 on it when I can get a dupe for £8. (Who heard about the Kat Von Dee/Makeup Revolution drama by the way? Awkward) I much prefer matte eyeshadows in a palette so when I saw that this was a palette filled with 12 matte shades, I was shook. The palette is somewhat broken down into 3 little quads consisting of warm and cool tones for pretty much every skin tone. For a £8 palette, the pigmentation is insanely good and the shadows last on my lids for hours with and even without a primer. I’d highly recommend checking out some of their palettes if you haven’t already.

What are your favourite palettes from the drugstore?


  1. I thought I wouldn't be impressed with TB makeup range at all, but I've hit pan on 3 shades of the birthday suit palette and am so pleasantly surprised! Toast and Marzipan are beautiful shades! xx

  2. Those palettes are so pretty. I heard so many amazing things about Tanya Burr's one. Need to check it out. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  3. I also wanna try Tanya's eye shadow palette so bad, but so sad that it's not available in my country! Her palette has a great combination of gorgeous shades & super handy & travel-friendly!

    Kaylee 🌛ㅣJK's Dawn