Is Batiste 2 In 1 Dry Shampoo Really Worth It?

I went out on a hunt for a new dry shampoo, I wanted something a bit different as I tend to re-purchase the original Batiste dry shampoo although I’ve never liked the fact that it leaves a white cast through my hair yet it manages to make my hair feel super clean. I was very intrigued when I saw the newest from Batiste with their 2 in 1 dry shampoo and conditioner.

I want to start by saying that I love the scent of this. I opted for the Orange and Passion fruit as I tend to lean towards fruity and tropical scents. I believe there are 2 more flavours in this range: Vanilla and Passionflower or Cocoa and Cashmere.

The one key word which interested me the most was “invisible”. Yep that’s right, the product leaves no white residue through your hair but does it actually work as well as the original Batiste when it comes down to cleaning my hair?
The product claims to refresh roots and nourish the ends of your hair with their new 18 hour conditioning properties. It specifically targets dryness and conditions the areas where it’s needed. It also says that it doesn’t leave any excess oil and claims no more dryness leaving your hair smooth and hydrated. I’m quite lucky as my hair doesn’t get greasy until the 3rd/4th day, I shook the can really well beforehand and then sprayed a little amount through my roots whilst massaging it in. It left no white cast which I was really happy about however I’m not too sure as to what it did for my oily roots. Although my hair felt soft and a lot smoother than before, it made my roots look shiny and if anything, more greasier. Saying that, I prefer using it on the mid lengths and ends of my hair where it’s the most driest to give it a bit more of a healthy shine.

Considering how much I love Batiste as a brand and how I have been using their products for years, I have never been let down. I am a bit disappointed in this particular product though. I don’t hate it, but it’s not the best. It doesn’t work for me and I kind of feel like I’ve wasted my money a little bit. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone that gets greasy hair pretty quickly, I feel like this may be targeted for those who are on the dry side. For now on, I’ll most likely stick to the original Batiste.

Have you tried the newest from Batiste yet?

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  1. I'm not a big fan of dry shampoo but I love reading reviews :) I may be wrong but I think I've never read anything really bad about Collab., have you ever tried it? (I've just discovered your blog, maybe you wrote other posts on this topic :D )

    Caterina |