Must Have Carry-On Travel Essentials

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

With my holiday only being 11 days away, I think it’s safe to say that am very excited yet super nervous at the same time. I am such a nervous flyer. Well, I’m an anxious traveler in general. In my mind I believe that my comfort on a flight begins with how you pack your carry-on bag, I need to make sure I pack everything which will keep me feeling content and comfortable for the flight (and hopefully pass the time a bit quicker).

The Basics
Travel Bag: I currently use a plain black rucksack which I got for £10 in Primark and it has done me wonders. It’s the perfect size and I manage to fit quite a lot of stuff in there. I love how it has front pockets and also two more compartments inside for even more extra storage. I use this as my main travel bag and also my staying over bag for when I’m round a friend/family house for the evenings.

Travel Wallet: The boyfriend and I picked one of these up from eBay last year before we headed off to Amsterdam. I believe it cost around £5/£6 which I thought was very reasonable considering the ones we looked at were more on the £12 side of things. It fits all of our boarding passes, passports, ID cards and travel money inside, leaving plenty more room for any other extra cards and details you want to take along with you.

What I bring to keep comfortable
Flip Flops: If I’m going away on a summer holiday, I always love to either wear flip flops for the whole journey or bring a pair with me in my bag so I can change into them halfway through ready to face the hot weather when I get to the other side.

Sunglasses: There’s nothing worse than getting off the plane to bright, sunny weather and not having any sunglasses for protection therefore you end up squinting the whole way to your hotel/villa. I like to think ahead and bring a pair with me so that I can chuck them of once we’ve gotten off the plane.

Travel Pillow: I get neck aches whenever I sit down for a long amount of time. My brother bought a travel pillow recently and it’s the most comfy thing ever and I’m definitely going to be bringing it on the flight with me. We have an early morning flight therefore I will most probably end up having a little nap on the plane with this pillow as my support.

Lip Balm and Hand Cream: During flights, I always get super dry lips and hands therefore bringing lip balm & hand cream along with me is essential.

How I keep entertained
iPad: With the recently new download Netflix feature, I am definitely going to be catching up with some shows on my iPad to make the time go a bit faster.

Headphones: I don’t know what I would do without my headphones on a flight. I’ve always had problems with my ears where I’ve had to go to the doctors numerous amount of times, therefore headphones do me the world of good. There’s nothing worse than having blocked ears for days whilst you’re trying to enjoy your holiday.

Books: I have always loved reading ever since I was little. Getting stuck into a book is a good way to pass the time. I’m currently reading 13 Reasons Why after watching the show on Netflix and I’m loving it so far, it’s defiantly the book that I’m bringing on holiday with me.

Snacks: Of course you’re bound to get a bit peckish on the plane therefore I like to stock up with some snacks to help keep me content. (I get a bit ‘hangry’ otherwise lol).

What is on your ‘must have carry-on essentials’ list when it comes down to travelling?
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