Skincare Saviours

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

For a while my skin has been playing up and has been having frequent mood swings I guess you can say. One day, I’d wake up with normal skin and a glowing complexion then next day it would be full of redness and the occasional spot. Even I have no idea what’s been going on but it’s been very annoying to say the least.

Although it’s finally starting to control itself, I have been using these two products which I feel like have been making a huge difference within the appearance of my skin. 

I first heard about this wonderful product through Katy’s blog – LexiLife. It honestly has done wonders for my dry skin and I now can’t imagine myself without this (bit dramatic but very true). This is a liquid peel which is essentially an exfoliator for your skin however it’s in a liquid form as the name suggests. I don’t know about you but when I think of exfoliators, I think of scrubs which can feel a little harsh on the skin and for someone who has always had sensitive skin, I like to steer clear of that. This tub of product is like magic, you simply use two pumps of product to massage into clean skin for around 20 seconds, and you can immediately see the little clumps of dry skin forming onto your face which sounds and looks gross yet its super satisfying at the same time. This is a gel to peel technology which traps and gently peels off impurities and dead skin cells to unveil healthy-looking bright skin. I immediately saw the difference in my skin straight after using with my skin looking more youthful and overall healthy rather than dull. I found that it also made a huge difference in how my makeup applied afterwards as well, it went on a lot smoother.

This product has become a life saviour especially during these warm weather days that we’ve had recently. Perfect for all skin types, this little gem helps to soothe your skin in dehydrating conditions, gives your skin a quick boost or you can even use it to set your makeup after application. I love the finish it gives to my skin after I use it to set my makeup, it takes away any leftover powder from your skin leaving it looking healthy and dewy. Fun tip: I like spraying this straight onto my Real Techniques sponge before blending my foundation in, it gives a more dewy finish to the foundation and I’m all about dewy skin at the moment. It says on the website that you can also spray this into your hair when it’s a bit dry, I haven’t tried that yet however I’m very intrigued by it. I feel like everyone needs a good facial spray in their collection and I’d highly recommend this one!


What are your skincare saviours at the moment?
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