Zoella's NEW Jelly and Gelato Range

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Each and every one of Zoella’s beauty collections always has me jumping for joy when I see it. I went crazy for her Sweet Inspirations range that when I ran out, I ended up re-purchasing some more which is weird for me considering I never usually re-purchase the same body products. Zoella’s new Jelly and Gelato range has completely topped last year’s one and I just don’t even have the words to describe how beautiful it is. This is one of my favourite themes she’s done for far as it screams summer and brings back so many memories of eating Jelly and Ice cream in the garden as a little kid. If you haven’t tried anything from this collection yet, you should. You will fall in love.

You can clearly tell how much thought and effort went into this new collection. The thing that drew me in the most was the retro packaging as well as the quirky product names like “shower sauce” or “body pudding” – I mean c’mon how freaking cute? Not to mention the gorgeous pastel colours incorporated into the packaging to welcome the summer vibe. I didn’t know what to expect with the scent of the collection and I was completely shocked when I first smelt the products because it’s such a unique scent yet smells heavenly. If you tried her Sweet Inspirations range then you’d know how sweet that scent was, this one on the other hand has more of a fruity sweetness to it. Zoe decided on an elderflower and double cream scent, as soon as I opened up one of the products I instantly thought that the scent was a mixture of jelly and those fruit salad sweets!

My first thoughts on the Cream Scrub was that it looked like orange sorbet. It’s a wonderful moisturising body scrub mixed with ‘polishing sprinkles’ – SPRINKLES! Infused with extracts of Elderflower and Pomegranate. I personally don’t like body scrubs that are too harsh on the skin therefore this one was perfect for me, it has a balm like texture to it and the sprinkles are so small that you can hardly see them in the scrub. It also feels super gentle on the skin but does an incredible job of exfoliating, leaving you with baby soft skin and a beautiful lasting scent.

I wasn’t expecting much from the Shower Sauce as it’s just a regular shower gel, although it does smell amazing and manages to lather up really well. It doesn’t give off too much of a scent afterwards but I don’t mind that as the body scrub does that for me. I recon it could be too ‘sickly’ if this had a stronger scent to it.

I was most looking forward to the Body Pudding, it sounds amazing and it looks amazing. It comes in a gorgeous tub and I was surprised to see a bunch of little pink sprinkles inside which burst and sink into your skin as you use it. I don’t like moisturisers that sit on top of the skin for hours, but this one sinks in within a few seconds. I was so impressed. You only need a small amount to cover your arms or legs and the scent seems to last for hours! I used this in my morning shower and I could still smell it on me as I was eating dinner that evening and I didn’t re-apply it.

Have you tried the new Zoella Jelly and Gelato range? 
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