Glossier. Worth the hype?

If you haven’t already heard of Glossier then where have you been? I understand that I’m a little bit late on the trend here however everybody and their mother has been raving about this brand which has recently launched in the UK.

I placed a Glossier order myself and officially fell into the Glossier hype. The brand sells a range of skincare and beauty products. I did a ton of research on which products I thought I would benefit from because let’s be real here, they are a bit pricey (in my own personal opinion).

In all honesty, none of the makeup items really stood out to me as much as some of the skincare products did however what stood out to me the most with this brand as a whole was the simplistic yet beautiful packaging. Also the fact that I knew my purchase would come with a packet of cute stickers in which I can customize onto my products brought me a lot of joy, and of course it was the first thing I did when I opened the package.

Am I Falling Out of Love With Blogging?

Here I am. Sitting in bed on a Wednesday evening thinking about the fact that I only wrote 1 blog post throughout the whole of October and realising that I’m possibly the worst blogger ever.

When I started blogging, I was a teenager who had a lot of free time on my hands therefore blogging was my only hobby and priority at the time and it’s been something that I am very passionate about. Not only has my blog been a place for me to express my feelings and share new things, it’s also introduced me to a whole new community and has allowed me to meet a bunch of lovely people.

In a way, my blog is usually my little happy place. Unfortunately now, it feels like a chore.