Am I Falling Out of Love With Blogging?

Here I am. Sitting in bed on a Wednesday evening thinking about the fact that I only wrote 1 blog post throughout the whole of October and realising that I’m possibly the worst blogger ever.

When I started blogging, I was a teenager who had a lot of free time on my hands therefore blogging was my only hobby and priority at the time and it’s been something that I am very passionate about. Not only has my blog been a place for me to express my feelings and share new things, it’s also introduced me to a whole new community and has allowed me to meet a bunch of lovely people.

In a way, my blog is usually my little happy place. Unfortunately now, it feels like a chore.  

I’m not that teenager who has so much free time anymore. My life has changed a lot within the past 4 years and I’m now at the stage where I have a full time career to think about as well as trying to maintain a good social life in between. I would love to sit down for hours on end planning and writing out posts but in all honesty, blogging isn’t my main priority at the moment. It’s sad because blogging has always played a huge part in my life but it’s very hard to continue on when I just don’t have the motivation to write anything. This has led to writing blog posts that I haven’t been fully happy with as well as a lot of jealousy when it comes down to seeing how well other bloggers are doing (of course, I’m extremely happy for them but it’s frustrating knowing that I’m not going anywhere with it right now)

I knew it was time for a break when I wrote my last post. It didn’t feel right, it didn’t make me happy whilst writing and if anything, I didn’t feel inspired at all. This obviously led to me publishing the post when I didn’t even feel happy with my content. Blogging shouldn’t be like that. The amount of times I’d try to stick to a post schedule and then completely fail is beyond me. I simply don’t have the time anymore which makes me sad. Saying that, I do not want to quit. Not even in the slightest. How can I give up something that has meant the world to me for the past 4 years? I cannot do it. This may mean that I might post less than what I used to do, but sometimes that’s okay. Maybe blogging less will help me come up with some ideas and bring that motivation back which is well and truly needed.

You can also tell I’m not 100% with it at the moment because I hardly post on Twitter anymore. If you know me, then you’d know Twitter is my favourite social media platform ever. Yet again this is sadly down to not having the time to scroll through and interact with others. I’ve seen an awful decrease in my stats and followers which is frustrating me even more. I know that blogging is not all about the stats however it always makes you feel a bit down when you know your blog isn’t getting the number of readers like it used to. In a way it kind of makes me feel like I’ve already failed as a blogger.

I’m not entirely sure what the point of this post was. I’m hoping there’s a few others out there who possibly feel the same way so that I know I’m not on my own in this situation. I normally mention when my next post is likely to be up but I’m not going to mention it this time as I seem to not stick to it at the moment. Therefore, until next time. 

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