Let's Talk: Feminine Hygiene

I understand that feminine hygiene is a bit of a taboo subject that doesn’t get spoken about as often as it should. When it comes to feminine hygiene, I think it’s important for us women to be consistent with maintaining the cleanliness of our ‘down below’ area. Maintaining good hygiene will not only help to keep us fresh and feel clean every day but it will also keep us healthy as they’re many illnesses that can be caused by poor personal hygiene. Growing up throughout my teenage years, I had no idea about any of these things that I know now and just *wish* someone would’ve mentioned these to me.

WEAR COTTON UNDERWEAR. There are always those days where you want to feel confident and wear some sexy silk or lace underwear which is fab, however it can lead to let’s just say, some smells. Synthetic fibers don’t allow the skin to breathe, instead it traps in all the sweat and bacteria. I know, it’s gross. Which is why I like to leave the lace & silk for ‘special occasions’ and I tend to stick to cotton underwear on a daily basis as it feels a lot fresher. I would also say, don’t be afraid to go commando at night, let your lady parts breath gals.

AVOID HARSH SHOWER GELS/SOAPS. Now, I don’t know about you but whenever I wash down there with my regular fragranced shower gels, I immediately feel uncomfortable and itchy. We shouldn’t go crazy and scrub vigorously down there, it’s actually a self-cleaning area and heavily fragranced soaps/washes can irritate it and it’s not a pleasant feeling. Instead try using a daily intimate wash like Femfresh which is specially formulated to cleanse that area of your body without leaving it irritated but instead leaving it fresh and clean.

FRESHEN UP WITH INTIMATE WIPES. Sticking onto the topic of Femfresh, I also use their daily intimate wipes to just top up throughout the day and to help stay fresh. After the toilet, instead of using tissue all the time, try using these or even some baby wipes. This may be a bit TMI but wipes are particularly good when it’s the ‘time of the month’ to help maintain that good feminine hygiene.

PEE AFTER SEX. I’ve had my fair share of UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infection) and let me tell you, they are not fun. Not peeing after sex can be the main cause of this type of infection as it’s so easy for bacteria to makes it way inside the bladder during woohoo time that it can actually damage tissue and cause inflammation which also leads to a horrible burning sensation that can last for 2 whole weeks unless treated with antibiotics. Ladies, pee after sex please lol.

HYDRATION IS KEY. One of the best ways to keep everything healthy is by drinking water regularly on a daily basis. Water not only keeps your hydrated but it also helps to throw out bacteria present in the body and actually boosts your lady parts health. The same goes with healthy food, a lot of good fruits and vegetables as well as a good balanced diet also helps.

Ok. This was a very different post for me and it was way out of my comfort zone however I feel like feminine hygiene is super important and can be eye-opening for a lot of young women. Unfortunately, I was clueless about all of this when I was younger but I feel like talking about these types of subjects can help a lot of people as well as make us feel more comfortable and accepting.

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