I took a break from blogging.

I don’t think anyone apart from myself has noticed that I’ve been away from the whole ‘blogging’ or ‘social media’ scene for around 3 months. But if you did then hi, how are you? I’m back!

I didn’t plan on detaching myself from the blogging world, it just sort of happenedAs soon as I got back from Edinburgh at the end of February, I felt like life got a bit hectic which resulted in me losing a lot of motivation for this little space on the internet. For what was a fun hobby of mine, felt more like a chore to me at the time.

During this break I have been able to focus fully on my career which has really payed off for me. For those that don’t know, I started my full time job in Optics back in September - only 6 months later I enrolled onto a Dispensing Course which once completed, will make me a fully qualified Dispensing Optician. This has been my main focus whilst I’ve been away, it’s been non-stop revising for exams (which are coming up at the end of this month. Wish me luck lol) as well as also focusing on in store exercises too. For someone who was working 40 hours a week AS WELL as revising on my days off whilst also trying to maintain a social life – gosh, it’s hard. Let alone having to stress about getting a blog post up at least once a week. I just didn’t have the time or motivation. 

Taking a break has allowed me to spend more precious time with family and friends which is something I don’t do often enough. It has also given me time to prepare and plan for holibobs! I am going away to Florida for the first time ever at the end of June with my fiancé and our wonderful friends who we consider family to us. I managed to pay it off as well as have time to save spending money for that rather than spending it on all the things I don’t actually need.

All in all, this break has done all the wonders for me. So I guess the real question here is what can you expect from me and my future content?


Hopefully, a brand new blog design. I’m the type of person who gets bored very easily and I often like to change things up. I have been fixated on my current blog layout for a good few months however I would like to get it more updated at some point.

More beauty content should hopefully be coming this way soon. When I say beauty, I’d like to focus more on skincare content. Yet still sticking to the lifestyle content that I have a huge passion for writing.

I just want to leave this post here by saying that it’s okay to take a break, we get it – life gets in the way. Look at it in a way that it will help to motivate you for any future content as well as improve your mentality also. After 3 months, I cannot wait to produce some new and exciting content for those that read my little space.


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