Saying Goodbye to Dry Skin with Bobbi Brown

Oh dry skin – aren’t you just a wonderful ray of sunshine? From the dry patches to the redness & swelling, I seem to have it all. After years of battling with dehydrated skin, I have finally found the cure for me: Bobbi Brown.

Around two weeks ago, I got introduced to Bobbi Brown skincare products through my best friend (tmaemakeup) who is a makeup artist for them. I knew that Bobbi Brown did makeup products however I was very unaware that they also do a H U G E skincare range. I let Taylor decide in what products would suit my skin the best and I gave them a try. After two weeks of using these every day, all I can say is wow. My skin has never felt so soft in its entire life.

I always like to start off with removing my eye makeup with a trusty micellar water as my eyes are super sensitive, I don’t like to use anything too harsh on them. I then head straight into the Extra Balm Rinse which has the most beautiful citrus scent ever by the way. You may be put off by the price of this as it is £50 however the glass tub is huge and you get 7.3 oz of product inside, which means this will last me for months as a little goes a long way too. I take a tiny scoop of this and rub it between my hands to warm the product up before massaging it onto my full face of makeup. You can feel the product warming up your skin and it’s so relaxing. I then take a little splash of water and continue to massage into my skin, what was once a balm all of a sudden turns into a silky cleansing milk which helps to breakdown even the toughest of makeup. After rinsing away with a warm wash cloth, my face feels instantly refreshed and it’s left smelling of lemons which I love.

Moving on to the Hydrating Face Tonic, I immediately apply this after cleansing using cotton pads. This acts like a toner to help restore and balance skin as well as leaving it soft and helps soothing the skin. What I love the most about this product is that it contains no alcohol, it’s made with enriched mineral water blend plus added cucumber, chamomile, aloe leaf and lavender. It feels like water when applying it onto the skin as it’s so light weight. This product retails for £22.50 and acts like a moisture magnet to help lock in any moisture that you apply on top keeping my skin hydrated for hours.

Last but certainly not least is my favourite moisturizer ever: Vitamin Enriched Face Base retailing at £43. I have actually used this before when I went to the Cosmetic Company in Portsmouth. It’s the only moisturiser that I have found sinks into my skin quick and gives me an instant healthy glow. I use a generous amount of this before bed and sometimes I wake up in the mornings feeling like I don’t need to put any more on as my skin just feels so hydrated. The days that I do use this in the morning is great because it helps to keep my makeup looking flawless throughout the whole day as this product is also a primer.
As it stands, I am in love with all of these products and all the dry skin girls/boys out there need to try these out. 

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